Actionable Insights

Use our analytics platform to moniter chatbots performance.

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Retention Charts

Retention tracks how many users came back to interact with your ChatBots. The perfect solution for teams.

Multi Channel Monitering

Solution for businesses undergoing rapid user growth on muliple channels.

Activities Graphs

The Activities Graph tracks how many activities were sent and received using which channel during the specified time frame.

Complete control

Monitor and analyze usage patterns.

Keep track of what's happening with your chatbots and customize reports against your data as per your needs.

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Seamless Integration

Actionable Insights is just a few clicks.

We provide robust Api to integrate ChatBots published over multiple channels.

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Create Your Account

Our Api registration is dead simple.

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Upload Your Data

Support for bulk uploading and integrations with most data storage products.

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Build Your Dashboard

Simply select what metrics you'd like to add to your dashboard.

* Some integrations require a custom API