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Legobots team can get stuff done. ChatBots designing , migration, analytics, testing and quality assurance.


Conversation Design

We consider both the user’s needs and the technological constraints to curate conversation .


Testing & QA

Let us assure quality of your chatbot and feel at peace and organized rather than scattered.



Keep track of your chatbot is performance from a centralized dashboard.


Bot Persona

We colloborate with stakeholders to define the chatbot should talk .By focussing on what users want to achieve, we can figure out how the bot persona should relate to them


Manage Chatbot Lifecycle
with one simple app.

Using our single innovative platform you can remove all your ChatBot management dependencies and the messy rat's nest of logs, texts, you currently have.

Requirements, Spec and Conversational Scripts

ChatBot cript must guide the user towards accomplishing the desired task.

Engineering Design for the ChatBot

This includes both the front-end and back-end components.The front-end refers to the conversational interface translating user input into specific actions and vice versa. The back-end refers to computation performed by the bot as well as integrations to other web services

Test and QA

Bot must be tested not just in the emulator, but also in the actual messaging platform.Given the diversity of messaging apps, and the differences in message rendering, this can be a time-consuming process.


Once the bot is built, it must be deployed to a hosted environment. The hosted environment must be stable and needs its own monitoring and devops support.

"Our team turned to Legobots to solve our customer support issues and it has been such a pleasure. Now that we're all on it we can never look back."

Ranjeet Ahire of Admin360

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your ChatBot should be connected and portable. Legobots helps you to integrate with other sources and help your chatbot get more done.


Sync your team's work and activity to share automatically in a channel with a simple ChatBot.


Communicate important messages to your users through ChatBots using Skype as the delivery service.

Facebook Messenger

Improve and boost your brand awareness with Facebook Messenger ChatBots.

Microsoft Teams

Keep your entire team in sync with development and easily manage tasks, goals, and deadlines.


Use ChatBots to campaign and improve ROI with constant review.


Use ChatBots to notify and improve customer experience.


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